Hi, I'm Bel -Welcome to The Travel Experience

I started this blog for a uni project, choosing to document my journey of overcoming all my obesity related anxiety and fears to get out and experience more of the outdoors and travel that I always loved. My goals are to:

  • -Stop indefinitely postponing travel and outdoor experiences to ‘you lose weight’
  • -Get outside and try new experiences
  • -Shift the focus of activities to ‘for fun’ not ‘for weight loss’

I hope as this blog grows from a couple of posts to a useful database that it helps other overweight and obese people struggling with these issues to plan more outdoor experiences.

Happy Adventuring 🙂 Bel

The Long Version

I was inspired to start this blog in 2019 after I read an article that has totally changed my perspective on how I want to spend the 2nd half of my life. The article is called ‘Everything you know about obesity is wrong’ and it inspired me to recognise that I needed to completed change the focus of my life to one of adventures and rich experience.

The author, Michael Hobbes, quotes his mother on how obesity impacted her life - “The bigger way my weight affected my life was that I waited to do things because I thought fat people couldn’t do them.” She got her master’s degree at 38, her Ph.D. at 55 and goes on to elaborate “I avoided so many activities where I thought my weight would discredit me.”

This really struct a chord with me. I have spent the last 5+ years of my life waiting until i'm 'skinny again' to do almost everything. I've still done some travel but on those rare special trips I've avoided even trying harder bushwalks or having a go at new activities. And I'm sure many of you can relate.

For me this is a long journey about creating an alternative mindset towards activity and the outdoors. I basically asked myself IF, I am obese forever despite all my weight loss attempts, is this how I want to spend the rest of my life - avoiding all the activities I've dreamed of getting back into and never trying the new ones i'm interested in. And for me its a resounding NO. I would rather have a life of fat adventures than a life with none at all. I'm not going to pretend weight loss wouldn't be a welcome benefit but this blog is about choosing to live a life where I get to have amazing experiences despite my obesity and hopefully as a result live a physically and mentally happier life where getting out an active is done for the love of the adventure. Because as soon as your tie activity to a weight loss results and don’t see results on the scales its very hard to motivate yourself to continue.

You can connect with The Travel Experience on Instagram @thetravelexperience and facebook /thetravelexperienceau to share or seek information that helps inspire and support members of the community to get outdoors.

This is certainly not about encouraging people to give up other health related goals. Us obese and very overweight people have first hand knowledge that life - sleeping, breathing, exercising, energy levels and aches and pains - is harder because of our weight. And many of us have spent most of our lives fighting against our weight. But recognising that being overweight and active (with better physical and mental health as a result) and living a life we love is so much better than being sedentary and perpetually paralyzed by fear, depression or anxiety related to continually failing at weight loss.

So this blog is all about taking a tiny step towards experiencing something new, even if its just 5-20 minutes in your first try and building on the adventures from there. Its about getting to the point where instead of our time being consumed by weight its consumed by adventures - planning, visiting and reminiscing about the special places you have been, about the outdoors and about the travel experiences.

Happy Adventure planning 🙂

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How to start bushwalking in Australia when you are...

Are you scared to try bushwalking because your overweight?
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How to start bushwalking in Australia when you are...

Are you scared to try bushwalking because your overweight?

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